Hubertushof - Ihr Weingut in Lieser

The winery near the Moselle

For us, every wine is a piece of uniqueness. The soil, the location, the weather and the work of the winegrower are documented in the vine.

The passion for viticulture shapes our family over generations and you can see this in our daily work. We attach great importance to the sustainable management of the vineyards, because we can not correct the faults in the cellar from the vineyards. There we concentrate exclusively on the preservation of the quality produced in the vineyard and the optimal maturing conditions. This is how top wines are made.

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Family Botzet – This is us

The organic winery is already run by the third generation of the Botzet family.

Winemaker Hubert Botzet, son of Maria and Hermann-Josef Botzet, brings fresh wind into the old vaulted cellars as a young savage. He delights with his wines young and old.

The joy of wine and his ambition he shares with his father.

The experience of both is confirmed by the recognition of our wine friends and many national and international awards.

We hope you enjoy exploring the organic winery Hubertushof.

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Hubertushof - Biowein aus Lieser an der Mosel

Bright, friendly furnished rooms and an apartment in a modern country house style invite you to a relaxing and adventure holiday in one of the most beautiful wine regions in Europe.

To start the day perfect you can enjoy a healthy, full-fledged breakfast. After a long hike or bike ride you can end the evening on our sun terrace with a good glass of wine from our wine cellar.

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Winery Hubertushof
Paulsstraße 88
54470 Lieser

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Hubertushof - Weingut Familie Botzet


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