Hermann-Josef Botzet:

Our winery is a small and fine family business near the Moselle. As a representative of a region that can look back on more than 2,000 years of winegrowing history, the aspects of quality and sustainability are particularly important to us in everything we do – in the vineyard or in the cellar. Therefore, we always manage our vineyards in the awareness of our responsibility for our unique cultural landscape and with respect for nature. The preservation of the complex vineyard ecosystem is the basis for our exceptional wines.

We are convinced that in a good wine is nothing more than the pure grape. Therefore, we grow our wines vegan, so they can ripen as naturally as possible – without chemical and animal aids.

Our family has been running our winery for generations with great passion and care. We associate this tradition with the modern age, always with the goal in sight that we are producing characterful wines which tastes as the terroir on which the vines are growing and the handwriting of the cellar master. Our wines have won many national and international awards and as the only organic wine estate in Germany, we have won the State Honorary Award for the second time in a row.

Our love of work and dedication to our work make our wines a flagship of the best wines of the Moselle. Try it yourself.

Hubert Botzet:

As a young winemaker I am open to new and creative things. I go different ways sometimes, observe trends around the world and enjoy trying new things. I have the highest demands on my wines and I prefer often the extraordinary to the normal. For this reason I make my wines with the motto “class instead of mass” with much love. I represent the new culture of consumption and enjoyment: with a special passion for work, I try that every sip of wine tastes like a sunny nature experience and a dose of luck.

Hubertushof - Weingut Familie Botzet


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